The Beautiful North

Being a northerner myself, its pretty easy to agree that ‘the north’ (thats anything above Watford Gap) is just a little bit grim… in the daytime. While working for my GCSE project, on the build up to my year 11 exams, I took a trip to Newcastle, and carried out a shoot up there. During the day, I must admit I was disappointed, however, under the cover of darkness, and the illusion of artificial lighting, Newcastle and its bridges can look like something special, almost a thing of beauty. If I had to choose a location to carry out a photoshoot at night, it would almost certainly be this Northumberland city.

My favourite image from the Newcastle shoot.

I will be sharing more of my Y11 GCSE pieces over the coming weeks. This image, despite it being more than two years old now, is still one of my favourite all time pieces of my own work. The photograph above was taken with very little planning, and required very little editing afterwards.

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