Five signs of a Decaying Railway

Britain, once known as the home of the railways, has now one of the most run down networks in the whole of Europe. The North specifically has suffered years of underfunding from the British Government, and while it is sad to see our railway in such a sad state, it does allow for such beautiful to be taken around this area. This collection of five black and white image will capture this decay in the Pontefract and Castleford area’s of Yorkshire.

A disused buffer stop, on approach to the now closed Kellingley Colliery.
An abandoned palette at Whitley Bridge station, which only sees two passenger trains per day.
One of the best stations for facilities and services in the focus area, Pontefract Monkhill, has digital screens, smart ticketing and even four daily services to London.
An active passenger underpass at Castleford station, graffitied and defaced overtime, has had no work carried out to improve the conditions for its regular users.
Passenger trains in West Yorkshire are also of a decaying variety, with most of Northerns fleet being over 20 years old. A 30 year old ‘Pacer’ train is seen here passing the abandoned signal box at Castleford.

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