Double Exposure Experiments

I have been experimenting with a series of images, using double exposure. The first two images in this series of four come from my ‘diversity’ project, and the third from my current ‘inside outside’ project. The fourth image comes from an earlier project, ‘transformations’.

London St Pauls Cathedral and Wakefield City Centre

This image has St Pauls Cathedral in London, and a more basic roundabout in Wakefield. The purpose of this image was to show the North/South divide, by showing a world famous landmark in the south, and a basic roundabout in the north.

London Blackfriars and Trinity Walk Wakefield

This image, again shows the North/South divide, however in this image, both are architecturally beautiful, both being fairly modern example of British design.

Railway between Dundee and Aberdeen, and Pontefract Tanshelf Station

This is an example of some of may most current work. I took photographs on my journey towards Aberdeen, and carried out a photoshoot in college at the local train station with a friend. These images where exposed together and almost instantly gave this result, with very little editing required.

Old Kellingley Colliery Entrance and a rapeseed field between Chequerfield and Darrington

This image is intended to show industry taking over the green spaces. the railway lines have been placed over the green, untouched area, which shows what has previously happened in reality when building new railways, and will happen with the building of HS2.

For more information on my work, tweet me or check out my instagram, @realmarkkloda.

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