30 seconds of the A1

In this series of three photos, I was experimenting with 30 second exposures over the A1(M) at Brotherton, with one image taken on the Motorway, and two taken of the lights on my car interacting with other vehicles passing.

The A1(M) from Brotherton, looking Northbound.

This image shows the A1(M) looking north, and shows the lights on the southbound carriageway as far brighter than those on the opposite side. This is as a result of the lights being brighter and that there was a higher volume of traffic heading towards the south. In terms of editing, very little has been done to this image outside of the camera.

My car pictured on the A1246 (old A1).

This image shows my own vehicle on the over bridge of the Old A1, with vehicles passing on the opposite side of the road. The headlights on my car are the most prominent part of the image due to them being light and static. The lights from a vehicle behind that is not in view or in focus gives a ghostly effect to the image, as if my car or the car behind is possessed in some way.

My car pictured alongside a local icon, Ferrybridge Power Station.

Taken from the exact same spot, my car can be seen with the power station at Ferrybridge, again with headlights leading into the image, and then beyond to the power station. no light trails in this image, just a long exposure to create a lighter feel in the sky, which again needed very little editing.

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